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A Probation Order involves being released under the supervision of a corrective services officer. Probation can be ordered as an alternative to imprisonment or in addition to imprisonment upon release. The period of your probation will be no longer than 3 years.

If you are ordered to complete a Probation Order, you must meet with your corrective services officer as often as the order requires and comply with the officer’s reasonable directions. Such directions may include attending groups, courses and/or counselling, and submitting to medical, psychological and/or psychiatric treatment.

You must also comply with any other special conditions the Court imposes. Other conditions may include producing clean drug and alcohol tests. Further you must not commit any offences during the period of your probation.

If you fail to comply with your Probation Order, you will be required to appear before the court for re-sentencing.

The Court may order that you complete both a Community Service Order and a Probation Order.

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